“The Gateway to Inner Peace CD package by Sarena Morello offers the best relaxation and stress reduction exercise in my experience. I have used it successfully with clients and students in my holistic health and wellness classes”

                                -Eleanor Schuster, D.N., Sc., R.N., HNC

"The Gateway to Inner Peace CD is a tool that can be used by anyone wanting to access their place of deep inner peace."

- V. Johnson, M.A.
Licenced Marrage and Family Therapist



As a passport to relaxation and gateway to inner peace, this CD is designed to be used for deep relaxation and self-healing.

The foundation of this CD is a training called Autogenics, and results are measured by biofeedback, which is explained in the five-page booklet and is designed to be self-explanatory. For those that would prefer individualized guidance, personalized counseling services are available by telephone (click on Coaching Services on the menu at the top of the page for more information).

Original cover and CD artwork by internationally famous artist, Eileen Seitz. Eileen is inspired by the natural beauty and order of nature guiding us to our own gateway to inner peace within ourselves.
The Gateway to Inner Peace CD package includes:
Download Sound Byte
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  • CD
  • Stress Control Biofeedback Card
  • 5 page instruction booklet
Price: $19.95*       
*plus shipping and handling. Florida residents add 6½% sales tax. Wholesale bulk order are available.

“Sarena Morello’s program is medically sound and clinically valid.”

- Natalio J. Chediak, M.D.
Board Certified Sleep Medicine, Board Certified Neurology, Director of Boca Raton Sleep Disorders Center, FL