The mission of Shakti Music is to contribute to the shift in humanity's consciousness:

From war to peace
From competition to cooperation
From segregation to integration
From anxiety to calmness
From disease to health
From hate to love
From darkness to light.

We succeed in contributing to this consciousness shift by offering products and music that increase the level of peace and light on the planet.


In the Hindu tradition, Shiva is the masculine energy. Shakti is the feminine energy. The sacred balance of these two energies is essential to the birthing of global consciousness on this planet.

The Shakti energy is one which feeds, nourishes, nurtures, and protects in a healthy way. The Shakti energy is the Divine, Primordial energy that is most often depicted as the Kundalini energy that lies dormant at the base of the spine until the seeker is ready to have it release. It flows between the sacrum and the cranium - it is the foundation of all sacred energy within the mindbody.

Shakti Music was created as a record label just before the beginning of this millennium to help birth this energy onto the Planet. The products we produce and distribute are all designed with this focus in mind.

One way to develop this consciousness, as a woman or man, is to look at others through the eyes of love while being centered in the consciousness of your heart. You may choose to verbalize one single Sanskrit word as you hold your center of awareness in the fourth center - the heart center of Love.
That single word is "Namaste". It translates as "I honor the place within you where you are love from the same place within me. When you are in that place in you and I am in that place in me, then we are One." This statement acknowledges that we are all interconnected and honors the philosophy of Reverence for All Life.

Let us use our Shakti consciousness - men and women together - to create more peace, light and love in our external and internal lives.