“Sarena Morello’s program is medically sound and clinically valid.  It provides the sleep-deprived person with techniques that are easy to learn and therapeutically beneficial for treatment of the symptoms of insomnia.” 

- Natalio J. Chediak, M.D., Director, Boca Raton Sleep Disorders Center, BRCH

“As the past Program Director for the Cardiac Wellness Program at the John Henry Center of Integrative Medicine at Boca Raton Community Hospital, my patients were very satisfied and routinely used and benefited from Sarena Morello’s CD, GATEWAY TO INNER PEACE For Deep Relaxation and Self-Healing.”

- Sandra J. Casey, R.N., B.A. R.Y.T.

“THE GATEWAY TO INNER PEACE” proved successful for helping our patients alleviate the symptoms of such stress related disorders as high blood pressure, insomnia, irritable bowel syndrome, chronic pain, anxiety and fibromyalgia.”

- Marcia Gill, R.N., John W. Henry Center for Integrative Medicine, BRCH

Quotation from BRCH patient:  “Why do hospital rooms only have those televisions hanging from the ceiling?  Why doesn’t every patient have headphones and a library of these relaxation/meditation tapes with instructions on calming breathing techniques?  When you’re lying in a hospital bed in pain all day, why don’t they give you tools that can help you take control of your pain?” 

- Erica Orloff in  “Own Your Health” Choosing the best from Alternative & Conventional Medicine, by Roanne Weisman and Brian Berman, M.D.

“Another benefit, just recently discovered, is the ability to sleep without taking an over-the-counter sleeping tablet. I am now able to sleep, without pills, stay asleep, and wake

- Judith Kerry, patient

“Sarena, I wish every inpatient at BRCH could have your CD and benefit from biofeedback. As one who has had to stare at the four walls of a BRCH patient room with only a television for company, I can speak from experience that this CD and your program could really help even the very sickest patients. Thank you, truly, for a life-changing program.”      

- Erica Diaz

“Along with the comforting words on the CD, GATEWAY TO INNER PEACE For Deep Relaxation and Self-Healing, the music background is perfect. The best news is that my level of stress has been greatly reduced and my blood pressure has retreated to the normal range. I can only say that for me this CD has been a lifesaver”.

- David Block, patient

“This compact disc (GATEWAY TO INNER PEACE For Deep Relaxation and Self-healing) is one of the best healing tools I have experienced in 25 years as a holistic nurse.  I use it regularly for myself and my clients with great benefits.”

- Karilee Shames, Ph.D., R.N., HNC